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For years, the Southern California area has known us as the place for expert glass work. We now offer the same superior service and selection to the rest of the Southern California area.

State Contractors License #663131

California Reflections - RayMy father started doing custom mirror work back in the mid-70’s in Hawaii. He moved back to the California in 1981 and began to work for the Glazers Union doing commercial high-rise buildings.

In 1987 Ray started California Reflections out of his garage in Redondo Beach, CA. He specialized in Frame-less shower enclosures, mirrors and glass railings. At the time Frame-less enclosures were very new to the market and he played a large part in helping them become what they are today. Using trial and error at the beginning, Ray perfected the installation of these very custom units.

California Reflections is known as one of the pioneers of frame-less enclosure and still leads the industry with amazing design and quality.

A note from Tyler Perron

California Reflections- TylerAs Ray’s son I grew up in a glass shop; I watched as my father worked endless hours as he poured his whole being into this business.

Today we work side by side to make sure you receive the quality product that California Reflections is known for. With our experience and family touch, I am sure that you will be more than satisfied with any project you start with California Reflections.

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