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California Reflections has been on the cutting edge of Frameless showers for almost 30 years now. We can do things that other glass companies say can’t be done. With our endless amount of experience in this area, we can provide you with the look you want.

Call us or visit our showroom!  Our glass installation experts will make an appointment with you to visit your home and give you a free estimate.  After final measurements, your order will be placed and installation will begin in about 10 days.

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Shower door installation Hermosa Beach, CA

Beautiful 3/8″ clear glass steam enclosure with clips. Turn your shower into a steam room as well. Clips provide more of a modern look. All hardware is available in a wide variety of colors.

Frameless shower door installation Hermosa Beach, CA

3/8″ Frame-less shower enclosure with U channel. U channel provides more of a continuous and stream line look. U channel comes in many different finishes.

Shower door installation Redondo Beach, CA

Neo angle frame-less enclosure using 1/2″ and 3/8″ clear glass. One of the only companies that will do this type of enclosure without a header system. Great for smaller bathrooms.

Frameless Shower Door Installation

There are three basic ways to install a frame-less shower enclosure.

  • Insetting the glass in a groove cut into your tile or slab work.
  • Using a clips system
  • Using a U channel system

All three of these ways are the same as far as waterproofing and stability; it just depends on what look fits your bathroom the best. California Reflections also specializes in headerless enclosures it is very rare that we ever use a header in any application. If another company tells you it can’t be done make sure to check with us first.

California Reflections also fully silicones our U channels. What that means is, unlike the other guys, you can literally hang off our enclosure when we are done with them. It provides so much more strength to the unit. It may take a little longer but it will last for much longer and be safer. It also allows us to eliminate extra hardware that can clutter an otherwise beautiful enclosure.

Frameless Enclosures - Inline Panel Door

Inline panel door panel in 1/2″ and 3/8″ clear glass with hinged transom above door. This unit also features two towel bars on either panel.

Frameless Encounters - Steam Enclosure

Steam enclosure with rake top, done in 3/8″ clear glass with vented transom above door.

Frameless Enclosure - Hinged Euro Screen

Hinged Euro screen done with 1/2″ and 3/8″ clear glass. Inline panel was notched to fit around large deco tile. Perfect for homes with small children.

CR Laurence Hydro-slide Bi-folding door system.

CR Laurence Hydro-slide Bi-folding door system. Great look for a tight space. This unit has a Euro round header at the top which allows the unit to Bi-fold saving tons of space for those extra tight bathroom’s.