California Reflections, Inc

Parts & Hardware

California Reflections offers a wide selection of hardware to fit any bathroom. From elegant hinges to wonderful handles and knobs we have it all. All our hardware comes in several different finishes to match what you have going on in your bathroom. Check out the pictures below to get an idea of what might fit well in your bathroom and then make sure to stop by our show room to touch and feel every thing we offer.


Parts - Pinnacle Series

PINNACLE SERIES: This is the first of two basic hinges for frame-less shower doors that we use on most of our showers. This hinge features a softer rounded beveled edge and literally looks great in any bathroom.

Parts - Geneva Series

GENEVA SERIES: This is the second hinge that is most widely used. It features a much sharper edge. This hinge provides more of a modern look and should be used to match other sharper edged hardware in your bathroom.

Parts - Clip

Clip: Here is a 2×2″ clip to hold your stationary panels in your enclosure. This clip is made to match the Pinnacle series hinge.

Parts - Clip2

Clip: This is another 2×2″ clips that is made to match the Geneva series hinges. Again use these clips if other hardware in your bathroom has sharper more square edges.


We offer a wide selection of handles in many different sizes. The most common size is 6″ and 8″, some handles however do come in larger sizes.

Parts - BTB

The BM series handle is by far our most popular. With its simple design it looks great in any bathroom.

Parts - SQ series

The SQ series is also another popular choice. This handle is usually used with the Geneva series hinges and clips.

Part - Pull Ladder

The Ladder pull series is a very popular option as well. This handle looks great and goes well in most bathrooms.

Parts - Victorian

The Victorian series handle give your bathroom a more classic traditional look. Great design with a little more detail.

Parts - Colonial Series

The Colonial series like the Victorian provides a traditional look with a little different feel.

Parts - MT Series

The MT series is another very popular choice for our customers and provides a mixture of square and rounded in one handle.

Parts - Pull Crescent

The Crescent series handle is a great look as well. We recommend the 8″ size for this one as it does cut down on how much space you have for your hand to fit between the glass and handle.


California reflections offers a wide selection of knobs. Below are a couple of the more popular ones.

Parts - Traditional Series

The Traditional series knob is by far the most popular and user friendly knob we have. Goes great in any bathroom and has a nice area for your fingers to pull your doors open.

Parts - Bow Tie

The Bow Tie style knob is another popular choice. Little less user friendly but can provided the right look for some bathrooms.

Please visit C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. website to check out a full selection of knobs.


Parts - BM series towel bar

Here is the standard BM series towel bar and handle combo.

Towel bars come in many of the same styles that you have seen for our handles. We carry single and double-sided towel bars as well as combo units with towel bars on one side and a handle or knob on the other. Most towel bars are offered in 18″, 22″ and 24″ sizes.

Parts - portallogo

California Reflections also proudly carries Portals Hardware. Portals is a very high-end shower door hardware company. Their stuff is wonderful; it’s a little more pricey but if you don’t find anything that strikes your fancy then this is the next place to look. It is also all American made which we love. Go to Portals Hardware to view their full selection.