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Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures

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California Reflections offers a great selection of semi-frameless enclosures and sliding glass enclosures. Semi-frameless enclosures are more water tight and less costly than a fully frameless enclosure. They use less metal than conventional showers, creating a beautiful, clean look for your bathroom. Our sliders come in many different styles and feature frameless doors which allow you to see your beautiful tile work much better.

Call us or visit our showroom! Our glass installation experts will make an appointment with you to visit your home and give you a free estimate. After final measurements, your order will be placed and installation will begin in about 10 days.

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Semi frame-less

Semi Frameless - NEO Enclosure

Large semi frame-less NEO enclosure in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Semi Frameless Chrome panel

Semi frame-less door with notched inline panel in Chrome.

Semi Frameless - Oil Rubbed Bronze

Semi frame-less door panel return in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Semi Frameless - Satin Clear

Semi frame-less panel door panel in Satin Clear.


Single semi frame-less door in gold.


1400 Series

The 1400 series is the economy class of frame-less sliders. It offers 3/16″ thick doors with pound on handle and double towel bars. We recommend this for rental units or if you’re just trying to save a little money.

Semi Frameless - Slider 1400 series

1400 Series

Semi Frameless 1400 series

1400 Series

Semi Frameless - Towel Bar

1400 Series

1600 Series

The 1600 series is the real deal. It is what we would recommend for your home. The 1600 features 1/4″ glass doors with a Euro round header and drilled through glass knob and towel bar. We can also do a recessed finger pull knob and towel bar for these units as well. This unit can be upgraded to use 3/8″ thick glass.

Semi Frameless - 1600 series

1600 series with glass towel bar.

Semi Frameless - Euro Header

Close up of Euro header and jamb

Semi Frameless - Standard Towel Bar

Standard knob and towel bar offered with 1600 series

Semi Frameless - Recessed Finger Pull

Recessed knob, allows easy access from both sides.

Apollo Series

The Apollo series is as classy as it gets for a traditional sliding unit. It features 1/4″ glass doors with an Apollo crown molding header and drilled-through glass Apollo knob and towel bar. This unit can also be upgraded to use 3/8″ thick glass.

Semi Frameless - Apollo series

The Apollo series is very similar to the 1600 series but with a crown molding Apollo header.

Semi Frameless - Apollo Header

Close up of Apollo header.

Semi Frameless - Apollo Towel Bar

Apollo Towel bar

Semi Frameless - Apollo Knob

Apollo knob

Semi Frameless - Apollo Jam

Extended Apollo jam also available for the Apollo series. This jam offers a unique look and is only found with the Apollo series.

Skyline Series

The Skyline series is a top-of-the-line tub or shower enclosure system. It features 3/8″ or 1/2″ glass with a decorative header and exposed roller system. This unit has no wall jams or bottom sill so it really cuts down on the amount of metal in your enclosure. The Skyline has one fixed panel and one sliding door. The fixed panel can be attached with U channel or custom clips. This unit looks incredible and will make any bathroom really stand out.

Semi Frameless - Skyline Tub

Skyline on tub, look at the unobstructed view that this enclosure provides.

Semi Frameless - Skyline Inline Panel

Skyline with notched inline panel and return panel.

Semi Frameless - Skyline Recessed Pull

Skyline recessed pull. We can also use almost any standard handle for these units as well.

Semi Frameless - Skyline Hardware

Skyline hardware comes in polished stainless steel or Brushed stainless steel.

Semi Frameless - Skyline Roller Syatem

Close up for Skyline roller system.